Millions of California Parents Want & Need to Go Back to School

What is Stopping Them?

Access to Financial Aid & Class Flexibility


Needing Two Million more Degrees & Certificates to Meet Today’s Workforce Needs

75% of School Districts Lack Enough Teachers
500,000 New Healthcare Workers Needed by 2024

California is Ranked Last in the Nation for Adults in Need of Adult Education.

Source: Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey 2018-2019

6.8 million Californians ages 25–54 have a high school education but no associate's or bachelor's degree.

Half (50%) of all California adult learners would be interested in taking some kind of college or adult career education if their concerns and barriers were removed.

Course scheduling flexibility and financial resources are the Biggest Barriers Preventing Adult Learners from a Higher Education.

Source: CalCompetes

The Facts

California faces a dire workforce shortage.

75% of California school districts report facing shortages of fully trained teachers. 

California has a shortage of 40,000 registered nurses.

For California to remain competitive, we need to overcome a shortfall of over 2 million degrees and certificates.

Fully accredited online non-profit universities provide respected degrees and certificate programs in teaching, nursing, IT and business.

6.8 million Californians aged 25-54 have a high school diploma but no college degree.

5 million California adults want to enroll in higher education in the next two years.

Adult learners report the largest barriers to advancing their education are high costs and limited scheduling options.

Almost 4 million Californians are interested in completely online instruction which has lower tuition costs and learn-at-your-own-pace course scheduling.

Create opportunities for Adult Learners to earn Higher Education Degrees

By eliminating the barriers to higher education – allowing the flexible scheduling of an online education and providing financial support to adult learners – we can get more adult learners enrolled and work to resolve our state’s workforce shortage.

California adult learners can benefit from a California Adult Learner Workforce Opportunity Grant.

Join Us & Take Action

Our state is facing a workforce crisis. We need forward-thinking solutions to meet the needs of the future. 

Creating a grant program specifically for adult learners who need financial support and the flexibility of an online education to learn around their work and family schedules, eliminates barriers and will help our state meet its workforce needs.  

It’s time to meet the needs of today’s adult learners. Create the Adult Learner Workforce Opportunity Grant today!

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